White pak choi varieties.

Varieties for commercial growing:

Shiro F1, CN Seeds

Reliable white pak choi with classic hour glass shape, bright white stems contrasting with dark green leaves. Compact habit, great taste.

Macau F1 (Dwarf White),CN Seeds

A new hybrid dwarf white pak choi to complement Shiro. Suitable for main season slot. A vigorous variety which performs well in mid summer with reasonable bolt tolerance - on average two weeks slower bolting in main slot than other current commercial varieties.

Bonsai F1, Tozer Seeds

A hybrid dwarf type with typical short, sturdy white leaf stalks and dark green slightly savoyed leaves with a mild and crunchy flavour. Plant height 12 to 14cm. Slower bolting than other white varieties.

Glacier F1, Tozer Seeds

A new white stemmed pak choi that has been bred under British conditions to be very slow to bolt even in mid-summer, giving good harvest flexibility.

Joi Choi F1, Sakata Seeds

This hybrid revolutionized the production of pak choi in North America by making it a reliable, easy crop to grow. Joi Choi is slow bolting with excellent uniformity. This variety has been accepted nationwide and is the standard variety in the industry. Days to maturity from direct seed: 55

Win Choi F1, Sakata Seeds

Win Choi is a medium-sized Canton type that can be used for baby pak choi production due to its bolting tolerance. At full maturity, this variety is about 2/3 the size of normal Canton pak choi varieties. Very white stems and dark green leaves make this variety is a nice looking pak choi. Days to maturity to baby leaf: 35,
days to maturity from direct seed: 48

Toy Choy F1, Sakata Seeds

Toy Choy is a compact hybrid Canton pak choi with thick, broad, milky white petioles and glossy, dark green leaves. It is perfect for home gardeners and specialty growers servicing Asian markets. This variety is tolerant to heat, which makes it well suited for production in summer months. Toy Choy offers early maturity of 30 to 35 days harvest from sowing. Days to maturity from direct seed: 30-35

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