White Pak Choi
  • Latin: Brassica rapa chinensis.
  • English:   White pak choy, white bok choy, white pak choi.
  • Chinese: Yu cai(Mandarin), baak choi(Cantonese), qīng cài (Shanghai).
  • Dutch :   Paksoi, witte paksoi.
  • Spanish: Pak choi, pok choi, mini pak choi blanco.
  • Russian: Белый пак чой, китайская белая капуста, китайская капуста, черешковая капуста, горчичная капуста, сельдерейная капуста, бок чой.
  • French: Blanc pak choï.
  • Italian: Pak choi, bok choi, pak choi bianco.
  • German: Der Chinesische Senfkohl pak choi, mini-pak choi.
  • Polish: Chińska kapusta białoogonkowe pak choi, pak choy, bok choy.
  • Latvian: Pak čoi, pakčojs.
  • Lithuanian: Baltas kiniškas kapūstas, kininiai bastučiai - bok choy, pak choi.
  • Estonian: Hiina kapsas, hiina lentnaeris, paksoi, bok choi, pac choi.

White pak choi is robust, with dark green leaves curling outwards. The leaf stalks are white, wide, shortish and generally flat. White pak choi varieties are growing - dwarf  up to 5-7 cm, mini – 10-15 cm and large 40- 60 cm high.

White pak choi is a cool season crop that prefers moist and uniform conditions in full sunlight. In summer long days will induce bolting, especially in the white-stemmed varieties. The ideal growing temperature is 15-25°C. Best grown in spring and autumn, it can be grown all year round.

White pak choi prefers rich, loamy soils with high fertility, organic matter and water retention. The ideal soil pH is 7.0-7.5. Seeds can be sown directly into the row or transplanted 14-17 days after seeding, depending on the variety. Within-row spacing is 7-10 cm and between rows is 15 cm.

White pak choi is a shallow-rooted crop and requires frequent watering 15- 20l/m2 .

White pak choi is usually harvested by hand, cut at the base 30-45 days after sowing or 17-20 days after transplanting.

White pak choi stores at 2-5°C and relative humidity 95-100 %.

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