Tong Ho

  • Latin : Glebionis coronaria (Chrysanthemum coronarium).
  • English : Edible chrysanthemum, chop suey green, chrysanthemum greens.
  • Chinese :    tong hao, 皇帝 huangdi cai.
  • Dutch : Tong ho.
  • Spanish : Crisantemo, Tong ho.
  • Russian : Хризантема увенчанная, или овощная, или салатная.                         
  • Japan : 春菊 shungiku.
  • French: Chrysantheme comestible.
  • Italian: Crisantemo commestibile, tong ho, shungiku.
  • German: Salatchrysantheme, shungiku, tong ho.
  • Polish: Chryzantema jadalna, chryzantema chińska jadalna, shungiku, tongho, tangho.
  • Latvian: Tong ho, ēdamās krizantēmu lapiņas, šungiku.
  • Lithuanian: Chrizantemas – šungikus, tong ho.
  • Estonian: Söödav krüsanteem.

 Tong Ho (chrysanthemum coronarium) is part of the Daisy family (Compositae). It is an annual herb, which grows to 30 cm high, and can reach over 60 cm when flowering.

There are two kinds of Tong Ho. One is small leaf , with small and deeply serrated leaves and grows faster. The other is broad leaf, with more rounded, thicker and larger leaves, but usually less cold tolerant and less aromatic than the former.

Leaves and stems have a slightly succulent texture and a distinct and pleasant but not strong flavour. Leaves and stems can be eaten raw in salad or cooked like stir-fried or used in soups.

Tong Ho is an easy and weather-tolerant plant, which prefers coolish conditions. Optimal growth temperature is around 20℃. Below 15℃ and over 25℃, it grows slowly and poorly. It grows well and vigorously mild and slightly climates.

Direct sowing is a common practice. Keeping soil moist is important for good germination. In commercial growing, direct sowing plant density can be 5-10x10cm.

Tong Ho like most Oriental vegetables must be harvested when young. When the plant reaches up to 20 cm tall, it can be harvested. In small gardens you may harvest the second time if you cut the stem 2-3 cm above the soil and let it grow for another one or two months.

 Tong ho should be cool-stored at temperatures of 0-5°C at 95-100% relative humidity. 

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