Pests and diseases.
Oriental brassicas are subject to many of the diseases that attack brassicas: Dark leaf spot ( Alternaria brassicae), club root (Plasmodiophora brassica), soft rot(Erwinia carotowora), Damping off and wirestem (Pythium spp. and Rhizoctonia solani), downy mildew ( Peronospora parasitica ), black rot (Xanthamonas campestris ), grey mould ( Botrytis cinerea ), white mould(Sclerotinia scleotiorum), canker ( Phoma lingam ), Ring spot ( Mycosphaerella brassicicola ), rhizoctonia (Rhizoctonia solani).

Main pests are: Flea beetles (Phyllotreta spp .), cabbage root fly (Delia brassicae), cabbage leaf miners(Phytomyza rufipes), diamondback moth(Plutella xylostella),  mealy grey aphid(Brevicoryne brassicae), peach potato aphid(Myzus persicae), cabbage white butterfly(Pieris brassicae), pollen beetle(Meligethes aeneus), cabbage whitefly ( Aleyrodes proletella ) and slugs.

 Physiological disorders: Tip burn and black speck(pepper spot).

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