What is Perlka?

Perlka (calcium cyanamide) is a mineral fertilizer that contains nitrogen and lime fertilizers. It is a unique nitrogenous fertilizer manufactured from natural raw materials; coal, limestone and atmospheric nitrogen.

Perlka is a mineral fertilizer that has multiple functions. The fertilizer enriches the soil with beneficial lime and, upon coming into contact with water, begins to break down, releasing nitrogen into the soil by way of ammonia. In addition to acting as a fertilizer, it also functions as an effective pesticide and fungicide by killing insects, soil parasites and harmful fungi. The chemical works as an defoliant and herbicide by preventing weed germination as well.

Perlka composition,  %

  • Total nitrogen (N)  19,8
  • Nitrate nitrogen, (NO3-N)  1,5
  • Calcium oxide, (CaO)  50,0
  • Magnesium oxide, (MgO)  1,5

Where clubroot is known to be a problem, avoid susceptible crops such as green pak choi and grow less susceptible crops such as choi sum or white pak choi. Perlka helps revitalise soils which have been heavily cropped with Brassica vegetables. I have used Perlka the past 5 years and I have found that the crops are more vigorous, the yields were higher and the plant roots were free from any traces of club root.

During initial stages of clubroot, aboveground symptoms may be absent. When present, foliar symptoms consist of stunting, yellowing, wilting, and other signs of a dysfunctional root system. If the soil is moist, these symptoms may not become apparent until water stress occurs. When diseased plants are pulled from the soil, the roots are usually swollen and distorted.

Timing of application:

 It shouldn’t be applied too close to sowing or planting as this will damage crops instead, it is recommended to apply the product pre-sowing and pre-planting with an interval of 2-3 days. The fertilizer is applied directly to the soil and rotavated in, where it breaks down into ingredients that are beneficial to plan growth. Recommended rates are 20-30 g/m2.

If Perlka is used for soil desinfection, apply 50-100 g/m2 and rotavate in and leave for some weeks.

Protective gloves, goggles and a breathing mask are required for those who work directly with Perlka. Adequate ventilation is extremely important when handling or applying the fertilizer.