Kailan or Chinese broccoli

  • Latin: Brassica oleracea var. alboglabra.
  • English: Chinese kale, chinese broccoli, kailan, kailaan, gai lan.
  • Chinese: , Gai Lan(Cantonese), Jie Lan(Mandarin).
  • Dutch: Kailan, kai lan, kailaan, gailan, gai lan.
  • Spanish: Gai Lan.
  • Russian: Китайская брокколи, кайлан, гайлан.
  • French: Le brocoli chinois, kai-lan, gai lan, le kaylan.
  • Italian: Broccoli cinese, kai lan, gai lan.
  • German: Chinesischer Brokkoli, kai-lan, gai-lan, Chinesischer Stängelkohl Kailaan.
  • Polish: Chiński brokuły kai-lan, gai-lan; chińska kapusta kai-lan, gai-lan, chiński kale.
  • Latvian: Ķīnas brokoļi, kailāni.
  • Lithuanian: Kiniški brokoliai kai-lan.
  • Estonian: Hiina brokoli kailaan.

Kailan or Gailan(Brassica oleracea var. alboglabra), sometimes called Chinese broccoli or Chinese kale, is usually grown as a early spring  or autumn crop. Kailan plant with grey-green waxy leaves grows up to 45 cm when mature. The flower stems are usually 1-2 cm in diameter and 15-20 cm long when harvested.

The optimum temperature for growth is 15-25°C, higher temperatures causes early flowering. The optimum temperature for seed germination is 25-30°C. The plants can tolerate some frost.

Kailan grows on most soil types, soil must be fertile, and has good drainage and a high level of organic matter. The soil pH should be 6.5-7.5.

Kailan seeds are direct seeded 1 cm deep with optimum spacing 10 x 15 cm. Kailan can also be transplanted 2-3 weeks after sowing, spacing 20x20 cm. Plant requires frequent light watering for optimum growth.

Kailan is harvested 45-70 days after sowing. Young flowering stems with compact florets and small leaves attached are cut by hand at 15-20 cm lengths with a sharp knife. The white flower buds should be developed but not open. Yield depends on harvesting frequency and method. Kailan normally is harvested in the early morning to minimise water stress.

Kailan stores at 0-5ºC, the relative humidity is 95-100%.

Optimum nutrient levels in soil for kailan growing indoors(mg/l):

pH N P2O5 K2O CaO MgO Conductivity,mS/cm
7.0-7.5 100-120 90-110 400-600 2000-2500 250 2.0-2.7

Varieties for commercial growing:

Rafiki F1, CN Seeds

Kailaan is a challenging crop, but this new introduction has great plant vigour and is very uniform, allowing harvest in one or two cuts. Sweet flavour and high quality, tender stems.

Kichi, CN Seeds

High quality uniform variety with dark green waxy leaves and some resistance to downy mildew. The most vigorous variety in our range and slowest to mature, 60-70 days. Excellent stem quality , and good holding ability, allowing a larger harvest window.

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