Green Pak Choy

Varieties for commercial growing:

Yuushou F1 , CN Seeds

Reliable slow bolting hybrid, with potential for heavy heads. Suitable for glasshouse or open field crop, overwintering, spring and early summer production.

Ryou F1, CN Seeds

A refined and versatile green stemmed variety that performs well throughout the summer season. Smooth flask shaped heads ideal for prepack.

Chifu F1, CN Seeds

An elegant variety with upright tapering waist for easy harvest. Vigorous, compact, with bright, glossy green leaves and medium long, glossy petioles. Suitable for spring and autumn plantings, possible for winter but avoid.

Summer Breeze F1, Tozer seeds

A heat tolerant variety which is suitable for UK summers as well as autumn. Plants are slightly taller than Green Revolution and have a high leaf count. Bacterial soft rot and white rust resistant.

Green Revolution F1, Tozer seeds

Slow bolting, green stemmed pak choi suitable for UK spring and autumn sowings. It's compact upright habit gives good head weights and is less prone to yellowing and disease.

Shuko F1, Tozer seeds

A sister line to Choko but more adapted for autumn and spring production.

Mei Qing Choi F1, Sakata seeds

Mei Qing Choi is a Shanghai pak choi type with good heat and cold tolerance and bolting resistance. In the U.S., this variety is harvested as baby pak choi. It is smaller than Joi Choi, weighing about a quarter of a pound. This pak choi has an excellent flavour and is extra tender. Days to maturity from direct seed: 35-40

Feng Qing Choi F1, Sakata seeds

Feng Qing Choi is a slow bolting Mei Qing Choi type with good plant size and a dark leaf color. This variety has excellent holding ability and uniformity. Days to maturity from direct seed: 35-40

Jade Choy F1,  Sakata seeds

This variety has a broad stem with nice light green color and darker green, glossy leaves compared to many other Shanghai pak chois. This variety is also slightly earlier maturing and forms a very nice vase shape. The planting should be direct seeded and thinned to three to four inch spacing for best result. Days to maturity from direct seed: 48

Li Ren Choi F1, Sakata seeds

Li Ren Choi is an extremely attractive mini pak choi with light green stems and slightly darker green leaves. This variety develops a pak choi shape at a very early stage. It can even be planted in trays and harvested at transplanting time. It is one of the smaller mini pak chois on the market. This variety is ideal for producing premium pak choi hearts for the Asian market. Days to maturity from direct seed: 40