Choy sum varieties.

Varieties for commercial growing:

Gunsho (ex CN 1907), CN Seeds

Choy sum is the most widely grown flowering brassica. Stems should be cut just before first flower buds open. Gunsho is a vigorous and productive 80 day type. Quicker than Fuubi to break into flower stems, but still makes a large frame and good quality.

Fuubi (ex CN 1908), CN Seeds

A slow flowering , late maturing variety with deep green leaves and a smooth fleshy flower stem. Fuubi is one of the most uniform and productive varieties we have seen and is widely grown by the specialist producers of this crop.

Fortuna F1 (CN CHOY 1916), CN Seeds

Our first hybrid Choy Sum. Uniform and with good plant vigour, 1916 F1 matures just ahead of Fuubi, and has dark green strap like leaves and juicy , glossy green tender stems.